Except for the intersection of Marinelli Road and Rockville Pike (thanks to a recent improvement by the State Highway Administration (SHA) and Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT)), all major intersections within the Pike District feature beg buttons in at least one direction.

Rather than improving functionality, these buttons often cause confusion among pedestrians. Not realizing they must press the button to receive a walk signal, pedestrians often tire of waiting and cross against the signal, making things less safe for everyone.

While careful calculations are necessary to ensure traffic needs are met, it costs nothing to flip the switch to make pedestrian signals automatic like they are in nearly every urban area.



Reprogram beg buttons to provide automatic walk signals. Recently, the Coalition for Smarter Growth and Friends of White Flint worked with the SHA and MCDOT to make the pedestrian walk signals at Marinelli and Rockville Pike automatic. 


Cost: low


Time: near-term


Examples in the Pike District

Most intersections in the Pike District with signalized crossings!

top feature image: nevermindtheend on Flickr